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Pushing the Edge

Making Football More Welcoming with The Outer Sanctum

Taking back the game we love - Making Football More Welcoming with The Outer Sanctum

Listen to Nicole Hayes & Kate Seear

Nicole and Kate Seear are two of the hosts of The Outer Sanctum Podcast

Episode Run-down

▪ Kate and Nicole introduce themselves

▪ Why inclusion matters to The Outer Sanctum

▪ Getting beyond “pale, male and stale” in footy (Kim Toffoletti quote)

▪ Grassroots change: How everyday people are making their sporting clubs more inclusive

▪ Using our privilege to bring about change

▪ Kick n Coffee: Learning footy skills we were never taught

▪ Feeling comfortable in our skin – in sport

▪ Why a focus on relationships (with sport) is so important.

  • Moving from exclusion to making football more welcoming

▪ Why ‘the personal is political’ in sport

▪ The power of independent media for diverse voices

▪ Why listening to diverse voices is crucial

The Lightning Round: Inner versus outer in football, diverse voices, participation, privilege

From excluded to included: women taking back football

Key People and Organisations Mentioned

You may not know some of the people and organisations we discuss in this episode, here’s the key links to help you.

Adam Goodes is a former AFL player for the Sydney Swans and an Australian of the Year. He consistently spoke up about Indigenous rights, history, and well-being. In the latter part of his career Adam regularly experienced racism from football fans

Jason Ball became well known in Victoria, Australia when he came out as a gay footballer.

Caroline Wilson and Sam Lane are sports journalists who often write about social and cultural issues in the AFL.

▪ Gillon McLachlan is the Chief Executive Officer of the AFL.

Dr Kim Tofoletti is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Deakin University

▪ The ‘Muggers’ are the Melbourne University Women’s Football Club.

▪ Bridget Barker is the Manager of Diversity and Inclusion at North Melbourne Football Club and coaches the Melbourne University’s Women’s Football Club. Bridget was the AFL Football Woman of the Year, in the Emerging Leader category in 2015.

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