Episode 1 – Taking Care of Ourselves as Teachers with Jason Borton

Episode 2: Reach Out to Thrive with Sam Bates

Episode 3: Shaking Up Our Beliefs and Values with Erin Stevenson

Episode 4: Push Past Our Comfort Zone with Rachael Lehr

Episode 5: Embrace Your Weirdness with Doug Robertson

Episode 6: How to Get From Survive to Thrive as a Teacher – Various Guests

Episode 7: Find Your Voice with Jen Moes

Episode 8: Step Back and Let Young People Lead with Laura Hill

Episode 9: Beyond Vulnerability as a Teacher with Ashley Gravelle

Episode 10: Take the Opportunity to Collaborate with Tom Snyder

Episode 11: Powerful PD Through Global Connections with Craig Kemp

Episode 12:How to Navigate Self Doubt as a Teacher with Ashley Hurley

Episode 13:How to Navigate Social Justice Issues with Rusul Alrubail

Episode 14: Whole School Change with Ray Boyd

Episode 15: Shaking Up Our Mindsets About Indigenous Students with Surin McGrory

Episode 16: Making a Difference by Not Playing Safe (Part 1) with Greg Curran

Episode 17: Making a Difference by Not Playing Safe (Part 2) with Greg Curran

Episode 18: Turning Points That Transform Our Teaching with Andy Vasily

Episode 19: Permission to Take Risks with Michelle Snyder and Victoria Curtis

Episode 20: Shaking Up Science Education with Jasper Fox Snr