Listen to Season 5 of Pushing The Edge with Greg Curran, where we focus on ‘Standing Up for Our Students in Challenging Times’.

We critically examine, diversity, inclusion and neutrality; how to stand up when hatred is stoked; and how to create more representative spaces and curricula in schools so that our students’ and their communities feel more valued.

Episode 39: Courageous Conversations in the Classroom with Val Brown

Standing up when hatred is stoked; building community through courageous conversations about race; and why representation and presence matters.

Episode 40: Nothing’s Neutral, Everything’s Political with Phiona Lloyd-Henry

Why does anti-oppressive education matter? Why is ‘neutrality’ problematic in education? How can we create culturally responsive curricula; and honor our students’ histories, existence, and ways of knowing. 

Episode 41: Whose History Are We Telling with Eric Fieldman

How do we move from holding back to standing up and speaking out as a teacher? What about our history textbooks and curricula – who’s present and who’s absent in them? And how do we get beyond diatribe when debating social issues in the classroom?

Episode 42: Complicating Diversity and Inclusion with Maha Bali

How can we become more conscious about oppression? Why do we need to re-think traditional critical thinking and debating approaches in the classroom? And how we can push beyond generic approaches to ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’.

We also canvass how to re-think our anger about injustices perpetrated against our communities, and explore gendered inequities in STEM. 

More Social Justice Episodes

Social Justice is what I’m passionate about as a teacher.

Have a listen to more of my Social Justice-related episodes featuring teachers who are not content with the status quo. They’re standing up, speaking out, and taking action for their students and their communities.

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