Take a Risk and Find Your Voice as a Teacher: As teachers we can often undersell ourselves, thinking we’ve got little to offer others. How might we get more confident in our voice? Here’s some tips.

Put Yourself First: It almost seems scandalous to say it – to teachers. But lately I’ve been wondering about the costs of always putting our students first.

Flick the Switch & 6 Tips for Building Positivity & Possibility: These articles were inspired by negativity. I was looking for ways to challenge or banish the negativity that surrounded me. Both provide ready-to-use strategies that have proven pretty successful for me.

Look Back to Move Forward: Sometimes we get a little lost, we can lose our mojo, and wonder where to next? This article was inspired by the time I spent in quite a deep funk. It’s about looking back to our creative times. For in these times there’s clues that can help us in the present.

It’s a Bit of a Giggle: A funny moment in the kitchen had me thinking about the Words, Situations, and Places that always get us smiling or laughing. 

Dare to Risk it. Dare to Take a Chance: Risk of varying dimensions has been a regular companion in my teaching career. A couple of stormy moments, weather-wise, gave me pause to think about everyday risks.

How to Stay True to Yourself: Staying Passionate and Positive with THAT Class: Sometimes we’re full of passion and positivity and hit up against the negativity or apathy of others. Here’s some tips to stay true to you in this trying situation.

Pushing The Edge with Greg Curran – Empowerment  Episodes

Self Empowerment for teachers

PTE001: Taking Care of You with Jason Borton – In this episode,  I chat with Jason Borton, an Australian principal who questions everyday taken for granted practices within education.  Among the topics Jason and I canvas: How to take care of you in an occupation where we always seem to be ON and taking on more and more and more.  Jason has some pretty compelling suggestions for our well-being.

PTE006: How to get from Survive to Thrive Mode – Do an internet search and one word dominates for teachers – survival. In this episode, we turn the tables, sharing our top tips and strategies to thrive

PTE007: Find Your Voice and Really Connect Online with Jenny Moes – How do you find your voice – when there’s so many aspects that make us who we are? Listen to Jenny Moes’ incredibly rich and moving tale

PTE009: Find Your Communities: It Helps to be Vulnerable with Ashley Gravelle – You’re just starting teaching or maybe taking on a brand new role. How do you find your way, your voice and your communities? Ashley Gravelle, an early career teacher, has some top tips and insights to share.