Disrupting our Comfort Zones – Stepping outside our Business as Usual – Confronting our self-doubts and fears, and navigating the uncertainties is critical to us Thriving – especially as Change Agents. 

It stretches us, enables us to see ourselves in a different light, and amps up our knowledge and skills. 

Listen to Pushing The Edge with Greg Curran Here is the Pushing The Edge with Greg Curran Artwork

  • Each episode I chat to Innovative Educators taking risks and stepping outside their comfort zones.
  • They’re educators who are actively creating ways to THRIVE and Make Change Happen. 

Take the Opportunity to Collaborate – with Tom Snyder

  • How do you get beyond the way you’ve always done things? You’ve got to step outside your Comfort Zone and collaborate where the opportunity exists.
  • Tom Snyder an educator of 20+ years experience has some top insights to share in this episode of Pushing The Edge with Greg Curran.

Push Past Your Comfort Zone – with Rachael Lehr 

  • It’s a challenge that we often hear, ‘Push Past Your Comfort Zone’. But how do we do it? What might it look like? And what about all our self-doubts? How on earth are we supposed to navigate them?
  • Rachael Lehr is an educator with much insight into this area, often pushing past the ‘Why Me?’ and ‘What have I got to offer?’ feelings, and saying ‘Yes’ to the unknown and unfamiliar.   

Get to Know Your Dis-Comfort Zone: Tips and Questions

  • It’s a term that’s often used but we rarely unpack it. Learn about your relationship to your comfort zone with key tips, questions and resources. 

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone: Tips and Insights

  • It’s where you learn big time. Just outside your comfort zone. But what can you expect there? And how might you navigate the tensions and uncertainties? 

Facing Fear and Doing it Anyway

  • Nervous and tense – facing fear on a multitude of levels. Me – my bike – two daredevil cyclists, and an idyllic course from #$!!X%. 

Navigating Fear: The Battle Within and Steps Outside

  • You know that moment right – when fear literally grips you – and won’t let go. A rock hopping adventure had me up close and personal with the big F. 

Dare to Risk It – Dare to Take a Chance

  •  Let’s risk it, we’ve been stuck indoors all day. This article is all about taking risks, the unexpected value of risk, & stepping outside your comfort zone. 

A Three Part Series 

Being True to Ourselves: Sometimes it’s not so Easy (Part A & B)

  • Sometimes it’s not so easy to Thrive – to TURN UP our volume – to be true to ourselves as teachers. It seems easier to hide who we are so we can survive.  

5 Ways to get from Survive to Thrive – If you’re Hiding Who You Are (Part C)

  • Sometimes living our truth, truly being who we are at work, can cost us. Learn 5 ways to get from Survive to Thrive – if you’re hiding who you are.