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Pushing The Edge for Education Innovation

Innovation 101: My Resource Pages

Innovation 101: Posts

Navigating Risk as Teacher by Greg Curran:

  • In the first of my Innovation 101 Series: Risk-taking. How do we navigate everyday risks? Plus the unexpected value of risk & stepping outside your comfort zone.

What’s Your Innovation Mindset by Greg Curran

  • The second in my Innovation 101 Series. Tips, strategies and hype abound in the Innovation and Change space. What’s often missing though is a discussion of innovation mindset.

Click on the images below to read additional posts (written by myself) relating to Innovation.

Read the posts of David Culberhouse who regularly blogs about innovation within school.

  • If you’re looking for an in-depth approach to innovation, David Culberhouse is the educator to read.
  • Insightful, challenging and bold.

The 10 Commandments of Innovative Teaching by AJ Juliani

  • Useful reminders and insights to keep you focused as an innovative educator
  • Specifically focused on our integral relationships with students.

What You Need to be an Innovative Educator by Terri Heick

  • Terri zeroes in on the key components of innovation

How to Innovate in a Stagnant Environment by Jason LeDuc

  • We’ve probably all been there – an environment where there’s little stirring of the ‘business as usual’.
  • Jason has three especially useful tips. 

The Biggest Barrier to Innovation by George Couros

  • Often we can look outward to the obstacles to innovation. George suggests that one of the biggest obstacles is closer to home. 

Innovation 101: Podcast Episodes

Listen to Season 2 of Pushing The Edge Podcast (Episode 14-20) where I chat to educators who are Pushing The Edge of Change & Innovation.

We cover:

Listen to: Don Wettrick as he discusses Genius Hour with Justin Baeder on Principal Center Radio

Listen to Kate Krontiris as she discusses civic disengagement and what’s been learnt about how to re-build it – On Innovation Hub Podcast

Listen to Innovation Hub podcast which focuses on innovation across different industries. There’s often much that can be applied to education.

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