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Shaking Up Science Education with Jasper Fox Snr – PTE020

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In this episode, getting students excited about, and actively involved in, science education. We’re sharing tips and strategies to transform your teaching.






Show Guest – Jasper Fox Senior

I am an earth sciences teacher at the secondary level who is deeply committed to make school more interesting, relevant and fun for students.

I am motivated by continual learning and watching others (both adults and young people) go through the learning process. 

By developing new ways to reach learners I continually challenge myself.

I find that reflection through writing regularly and the discussion that evolves pushes my thoughts forward.

Episode Summary

In this episode, getting our students excited about science:

  • tapping into, and growing their sense of wonder and awe about the world around them, and
  • supporting  them to collaborate on the topics and issues they care about.

Plus, how to get others on board with your ‘out -there’ ideas.

And in the Lightning Round: risk, innovation and the status quo.

Our guest, Jasper Fox Senior, a middle years Earth Sciences teacher and host of Learning Lab Radio. 

Episode Run-Down

  1. Jasper introduces himself (1:00 minute mark)
  2. What is Earth Sciences and how is it being taught differently nowadays? (2:38)
  3. Connecting what’s outside to inside the classroom – what it demands of us as teachers (3:47)
  4. Shifting to a collaborative and real-time feedback model with students (5:43)
  5. Jasper’s model of teaching Earth Sciences (7:06)
  6. Using video to teach and engage students (7:42)
  7. How Jasper sets up his classroom (8:59)
  8. Where it all started – How Jasper transformed his teaching of Earth Sciences (10:28)
  9. What Jasper’s students think about his videos and the challenge of not boring students (15:14)
  10. How to get colleagues, parents and resistant students onside with new teaching approaches (19:12)
  11. What Jasper learnt about himself (24:45)
  12. The Lightning Round: risk – mindset – innovation – status quo – leadership – Pushing The Edge (25:49)
  13. My Innovation Coaching Program – Let’s Make your Innovative Ideas a Reality (29:43)
  14. Jasper’s advice to his younger self (31:06) 

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