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Pushing the Edge

Making Sports Inclusive

3 images of sport - womens footy team, wheelchair athlete and kids playing football - with text - making phys ed and sport more inclusive

In this SEASON of Pushing The Edge with Greg Curran: 

  • What do inclusive Physical Education and Sports environments look like?

  • How can we make Physical Education (PE) and Sports classes more safe and welcoming?

  • How does sexism, racism, ableism, and homophobia affect our participation in Physical Education and Sports?  

  • Why does diversity matter in Physical Education or Sports? Why should it matter to schools and sports organisations?

  • How are individuals and communities reclaiming and re-making sports environments – making them more welcoming for all? 

Listen to ‘Pushing The Edge with Greg Curran’ –  The Sports Season

Inclusive Sports Media

Diversity & Inclusion in Sport – Articles


Race & Indigeneity

Warning these articles contain images of deceased people

Cultural and Linguistically Diverse Communities


Podcast Episodes

Sports-related Activism

Diversity in Sport – Organisations & Initiatives

Inclusion Toolkits, Programs & Guidelines



Thanks to Sam De Leve and Grant O Sullivan for their resource suggestions. 

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