I’m Greg Curran and innovative teaching and leadership has been a consistent theme in my 30 years within Education.Photo of Greg Curran

Currently I am a Primary Teacher specialising in Maths and Literacy teaching. I am passionate about building a classroom community where deep thinking, strategising, questioning, inclusiveness and a respect for difference are paramount.

I also write and podcast on social justice as it disrupting the ‘business as usual’ in education and community services.

I have taught in a wide range of education settings in the role of primary (elementary) school teacher, English language teacher for children and adults, and university lecturer in teacher education.

My teaching specialisations include: Literacy, Mathematics, English Language Teaching Methods, Diversity, Health and Well-being, Digital Literacy & Multi-media, Learning in the Workplace, and Reflective Practice.

I have held leadership and co-ordination roles, and have extensive experience in curriculum, policy and staff development, as well as program reform.

I have presented research along with innovative teaching practice at local and national conferences, and have published in educational books and peer-reviewed journals.

My topics have included: teacher identity, inclusive teaching and learning practices, and contemporary literacy practices.

You can find details of my Qualifications and Experience here.

My Teaching Style

I’m passionate about:

  • Fostering student belief and confidence in their voice, and their life-stories;
  • Recognising students’ sense of agency in their capacity to take action and make a difference with real-world problems that matter to them;
  • Students seeing themselves as active members of local and global communities.

I believe that digital tools are key to building literacy skills in these areas, especially when students create purposeful media for real world audiences.

I am always interested in opportunities to teach in schools where progressive teaching in Mathematics and English is highly valued and encouraged.