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Being Color Brave Not Color Blind with Rosa Perez-Isiah

In Episode 44: We explore how one school is responding to the hostile political climate around immigration that’s taking its toll on students and their families. Plus how can we be more ‘color brave’ as teachers embracing the whole worlds of our students; as well as challenging the silence that’s pervasive around poverty and racism. 

Episode 44

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Episode Guest

  • Dr. Rosa Perez-Isiah is principal in Southern California, USA. She has been an educator for 24 years and a school leader for 8 years.

Quick Guide

  • Rosa introduces herself
  • Why we must educate the whole child and challenge the notion of neutrality
  • How teachers can support students
  • How teachers can navigate their lack of first-hand experience with the issues confronting students
  • Rosa’s parents wishes for her
  • Rosa connects her life to the current political climate in the USA
  • Color blindness vs a color brave ideology
  • The importance of literature for children
  • Passive oppression in respect to poverty and racism
  • Closing Remarks
  • Spotlight Segment: The importance of the #Educolor community

Being Color Brave Not Color Blind – Links

    • Rosa’s blog
    • The Myth of Color Blindness by Rosa Perez-Isiah
    • Color Blind or Color Brave – Mellody Hobson (TED Talk)
      • Mellody Hobson’s TED Talk inspired Rosa – in respect to the terms, Color Brave and Color Blind.

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