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How to Get Started Creating Media with your Students

In this special edition of Pushing The Edge, I chat with Oona Marie Abrams (a Senior School Teacher) who’s keen to start podcasting with her students. I share my tips and insights on creating media (video and podcasts) with students.

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Drawing on my experience of teaching a multimedia EAL (English as an Additional Language) class, Oona and I discuss:Oona Marie Abrams - Guest in Pushing The Edge - Creating Media with Your Students

  • The role of the teacher in the podcasting classroom;
  • How you might develop students’ critical reflection skills in media creation;
  • How you can work against that drive towards perfection;
  • Why audience and purpose matter with media creation;
  • And a handy tip to save you A LOT OF TIME – when creating media. 

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If you’d like some help – going from those million and one podcasting ideas – to a solid action plan for podcasting with your students:

Paul Solarz is mentioned as an influence by Oona Marie Abrams. His book is Learn Like a Pirate.