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Expanding Students’ Ideas About Race, Religion and the Western Suburbs with Amra Pajalic

In Episode 48,  we explore teaching in a western suburbs’ school where students face bigotry and negative stereotyping based on their race, religious beliefs, and the suburbs they live in.

Episode 48

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Episode Guest

  • Amra Pajalic is a secondary school teacher and young adult novelist who teaches in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.
  • Amra went to the same school she now teaches in.

Quick Guide

  • Amra introduces herself
  • The stereotypes associated with the western suburbs in Melbourne, Australia
  • Amra’s connection with her students
  • The need to escape and reinvent oneself
  • Challenging the stereotypes, supporting student agency
  • Memoir writing with students
  • Building trust with students – so they feel comfortable revealing themselves in their writing
  • Writing about being Muslim & challenging the stereotypes
    • What’s crucial for teachers to know and do
    • Student responses to the complexities of being a Muslim
  • Supporting sexual diversity through IDAHOBIT day
  • Race driven politics: the impact on students
  • Supporting students to work through issues
  • Spotlight Segment: Randa Abdel Fattah (young adult novelist)
    • The impact of reading a book where you see yourself
  • The writing of Amra’s first young adult novel and her current novel
  • Living with someone with a mental illness
  • Twists & Turns Segment: Changing ideas about what a ‘good teacher’ is
  • Plugs for Amra’s books
  • Closing Remarks
  • The Right Track Segment

Expanding Students’ Ideas About Race, Religion and the Western Suburbs – Links

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