Rainbows Against The Wreckage. In A Brown (Ed.) Into Your Hands: Essays Inspired by Michael Bernard Kelly. Author: Greg Curran

Unlocking Life Stories Through Digital Storytelling, in VALBEC, Fine Print (Vol 40 #1, pp. 28-30). Author: Greg Curran

Personal Stories and the Visual Turn: Exploring Digital Stories as Identity Representation. In M. Stocchetti (Ed.) Media and Education in the Digital Age. Authors: Julie Faulkner and Greg Curran

Are You Married? Exploring the Boundaries of Sexual Taboos in the ESL Classroom. In J.Faulkner (Ed.) Disrupting Pedagogies and Teaching the Knowledge Society: Countering Conservative Norms with Creative Approaches. Author: Greg Curran

The C Words’: Clitorises, Childhood and Challenging Compulsory Heterosexuality Discourses with Pre-Service Primary Teachers. Authors: Greg Curran, Steph Chiarolli, and Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli

SPACE: Queer Allies Network: An Approach to Actively Support Gender and Sexual Diversity at RMIT University’s School of Education. Authors: Greg Curran and Michael Crowhurst

Challenging Sexual Norms and Assumptions in an Australian ESL Class: Rethinking my Teaching Practice.  Author: Greg Curran

Exploring Agency (for GLBT youth) & Australian LGBT youth.  Author: Greg Curran

Gender and Sexual Diversity Encyclopedia Cover

Young Queers Getting Together: Moving Beyond Isolation and Loneliness. My PhD Thesis. Author: Greg Curran

Activism Within: Working With Tension. Author: Greg Curran

Queering elementary ed book cover