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Making a Difference by Not Playing It Safe (Part 2)

In Part 2 of My Chat with Rachael Lehr – We’re Standing Up for Student Voice, Identifying the Key Challenges facing School Leaders, and Changing the World at a Local Level

Also check out: Part 1 of my chat with Rachael Lehr we talked about Motivations and Inspirations for Pushing The Edge, Social Justice, How to Stay True to Yourself and Navigate Self-Doubts.

Show Guest – Greg Curran

Photo of Greg Curran

Greg Curran

 G’day there, I’ve been teaching for over 30 years now. I’ve worked as a Primary/Elementary Teacher, a ELL (English Language Learner) Co-ordinator and Teacher, a Researcher, Lecturer and Manager.

I’m also a Teacher Educator (Lecturer), podcaster and blogger

So what makes me tick?

  • Colouring outside the lines, challenging the conventions within education that work to disadvantage, silence, or stigmatise minorities;
  • New ideas – New Approaches – New Ways of Thinking. I’m not content to do the same old over and over again;
  • The challenge of innovation, trying out new approaches, shaking up my ‘business as usual’;
  • Being involved in the journey of change.  

Episode Summary

Photo of Rachael Lehr - Shaking It Up by Not Playing It Safe - Pushing The Edge

Rachael Lehr

In this episode, the second part of my chat with Rachael Lehr.

Together we explore Student voice, the big challenges facing education leaders, and changing the world (yep you heard me right)

There’s also The Lightning Round – where we’re Pushing The Edge of Relationships, Discomfort, Home, and Making a Difference

Plus I’ve got a couple of Not To Be Missed Books – Books that have been especially influential in my teaching life. 

Episode Run-Down

  1. Standing Up for Student Voice
  2. My #1 Tip for Pre-Service Teachers
  3. The Biggest Challenges for School Leaders
  4. How to Stay Passionate
  5. Changing the World at a Local Level
  6. The Lightning Round – Discomfort – Home – Relationships – Making a Difference

Thanks to Rachael Lehr, Jason Borton and Laura Hill for their questions.

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About Me: Greg Curran

As an educator with 28 years’ experience, I have a passion for change and innovation.

With a PhD in Education, Counselling and Coaching qualifications I have made it my business to understand change and innovation at a theoretical and practical level.

I have held leadership and co-ordination roles, having lead education reform at a policy, curriculum and staff development level.

Innovation has been a key aspect of my teaching, presenting, research, and writing within the Education sector.