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Making a Difference by Not Playing It Safe (Part 1)

In Episode 16: we’re Turning the Tables and Shaking Things Up. I’m in the Hot Seat with Rachael Lehr Posing the Questions.

Show Guest – Greg Curran

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Greg Curran

G’day there, I’ve been teaching for over 30 years now.

I’ve worked as a Primary/Elementary Teacher, a ELL (English Language Learner) Co-ordinator and Teacher, a Researcher, Lecturer and Manager. I’m also a Teacher Educator (Lecturer), podcaster and blogger

What makes me tick?

  • Colouring outside the lines, challenging the conventions within education that work to disadvantage, silence, or stigmatise minorities;
  • New ideas – New Approaches – New Ways of Thinking. I’m not content to do the same old over and over again;
  • The challenge of innovation, trying out new approaches, shaking up my ‘business as usual’;
  • Being involved in the journey of change.  

Episode Summary

Photo of Rachael Lehr - Shaking It Up by Not Playing It Safe - Pushing The Edge

Rachael Lehr

Normally I’m the host of this Podcast but over the next two episodes we’re turning the tables. 

I’ll be in the hot-seat answering questions posed by former Pushing The Edge guests, with Rachael Lehr taking on the hosting role. 

Rachael’s a classroom teacher and science specialist at West Beechboro Primary School in Western Australia. She was my guest in Episode 4 of Pushing The Edge

Together, we explore my journey towards Finding My Voice and Pushing The Edges in Education 

There’s also The Lightning Round, where we’re pushing the edges of Activism, Innovation, Self-Talk and Down-Time. 

Plus my advice to my 13 year old self and a big search for lost keys.

Episode Run-Down

  1. What motivated me to create the Pushing The Edge Podcast? 1:24
  2. What does Pushing The Edge mean to me (Greg)? 2:31
  3. What inspires me to Push The Edge? 3:14
  4. What’s my perspective on Social Justice and how can we make a difference there 5:54
  5. How am I making a difference? 8:28
  6. Do I share my journey with my students? 9:47
  7. Losing my Car Keys – A Pivotal Moment or Two 11:37
  8. How do I stay true to me? 13:59
  9. How do I navigate self-doubts? 15:15
  10. Is it easier to share who I am online? 16:16
  11. How do I create meaningful connections?17:26
  12. The Lightning Round – Activism – Innovation – Creativity – Self-Talk – Down-Time 20:03
  13. My advice to my 13 year old self + Would I follow that advice?  22:11

Thanks to Rachael Lehr, Sam Bates and Rusul Alrubail for their questions.

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