Nothing's Neutral, Everything's Political with Phiona Lloyd-Henry

Nothing’s Neutral Everything’s Political with Phiona Lloyd-Henry

In Episode 40: Why anti-oppressive education matters; how to create culturally responsive curricula; and honoring our students’ histories, existence, and ways of knowing.

Episode 40

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Episode Guest

  • Phiona Lloyd-Henry is an Instructional Resource Teacher for Equity and Inclusive Education, in Ontario, Canada.
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Episode 40 – Quick Guide

  • Phiona introduces herself
  • Why anti-oppressive education matters
  • How we replicate oppressive systems and how we can challenge norms
  • A critique of traditional ideas about ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’
  • How we can get more people to see the oppressive nature of schooling
  • Positive shifts in teacher attitudes
  • How to create culturally responsive curricula
  • How to honor students’ ways of knowing
  • Building trust with students
  • A critique of the notion that teachers should be ‘neutral’
    • Phiona argues that nothing’s neutral, everything’s political in the classroom
  • A critique of the notion of ‘balance’ in discussions
  • Spotlight Segment
  • Twists & Turn Segment
  • Closing Remarks

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