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Shaking Up Science Education with Jasper Fox Senior

In this episode, getting students excited about, and actively involved in, science education. We’re sharing tips and strategies to transform your teaching.


Show Guest – Jasper Fox Senior

I am an earth sciences teacher at the secondary level who is deeply committed to make school more interesting, relevant and fun for students.

I am motivated by continual learning and watching others (both adults and young people) go through the learning process. 

By developing new ways to reach learners I continually challenge myself. I find that reflection through writing regularly and the discussion that evolves pushes my thoughts forward.

Episode Summary

In this episode, getting our students excited about science:

  • tapping into, and growing their sense of wonder and awe about the world around them, and
  • supporting  them to collaborate on the topics and issues they care about.

Plus, how to get others on board with your ‘out -there’ ideas. And in the Lightning Round: risk, innovation and the status quo.

Our guest, Jasper Fox Senior, a middle years Earth Sciences teacher and host of Learning Lab Radio. 

Episode Run-Down

  1. Jasper introduces himself (1:00 minute mark)
  2. What is Earth Sciences and how is it being taught differently nowadays? (2:38)
  3. Connecting what’s outside to inside the classroom – what it demands of us as teachers (3:47)
  4. Shifting to a collaborative and real-time feedback model with students (5:43)
  5. Jasper’s model of teaching Earth Sciences (7:06)
  6. Using video to teach and engage students (7:42)
  7. How Jasper sets up his classroom (8:59)
  8. Where it all started – How Jasper transformed his teaching of Earth Sciences (10:28)
  9. What Jasper’s students think about his videos and the challenge of not boring students (15:14)
  10. How to get colleagues, parents and resistant students onside with new teaching approaches (19:12)
  11. What Jasper learnt about himself (24:45)
  12. The Lightning Round: risk – mindset – innovation – status quo – leadership – Pushing The Edge (25:49)
  13. My Innovation Coaching Program – Let’s Make your Innovative Ideas a Reality (29:43)
  14. Jasper’s advice to his younger self (31:06) 

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