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Activating Student Stories with Silvia Gonzalez

In Episode 21: activating our students’ stories – the power of language – and critically ‘playing the game’ of education


Show Guest – Silvia Gonzalez

Silvia is a teacher artist who works primarily with black and Latino young people in Chicago, USA.

Episode Summary

In this episode:

  • Finding and understanding ourselves through our stories;
  • the links between language and autonomy;
  • re-framing assessment in ways that work for our students;
  • and playing the game – or at least critically playing it.

BUT that’s not all, we also have the Lightning Round where we’re pushing the edges of criticality, research, story, visibility and language.

Episode Run-Down

  1. How Silvia pushes the edge
  2. Empowerment and identity
  3. Centering our students’ stories | Finding a place to be who you are
  4. Visibility and Invisibility – Toning down in the classroom
  5. Sharing our stories
  6. Critical interrogation and diverse perspectives
  7. Continually learning as a teacher – Getting to know our students and their communities
  8. Negotiating the pull towards standards whilst meaningfully engaging with the real issues in students’ lives
  9. The power of language and systems of power
  10. Comfort, discomfort and accountability
  11. Transparency and critically ‘playing the game’
  12. The Lightning Round
  13. Being open to our students’ stories: 2 examples

Links for People and Issues Mentioned in this Episode

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