Permission to take risks with Michelle Snyder and Victoria Curtis

Permission to Take Risks with Michelle Snyder & Victoria Curtis

In Episode 19: Getting authentic with our reading and writing. Plus permission to take risks with Michelle Snyder and Victoria Curtis.


Show Guests – Michelle Snyder & Victoria Curtis

Both Michelle and Victoria are Online and Blended Learning Resource teachers at Vista Visions Academy in California, USA.

Here students are encouraged to think big, and to think outside the box.

Michelle teaches English and Creative Writing to Years 9 to 11:

I live in Oceanside, California.  I am mother to three energetic boys, wife to a fellow teacher, and a high school English teacher. 

Connecting with others, exploring what is possible, learning, writing, experiencing other cultures, yoga, running, and positive people make me tick.

Victoria teaches English and History:

I’ve been teaching for 20 years. I recently became a blended and online learning resource teacher for Vista Unified School District where I help teachers integrate technology into their classroom.

I also help them personalize learning for students.

Episode Summary

In this episode, getting authentic with our reading and writing, plus permission to take risks from our leaders. 

Giving ourselves permission to branch out beyond our comfort zones. 

And not waiting for permission, just doing what’s best for students. 

But that’s not all – We’ve also got the Lightning Round where we’re pushing the edges of mindset, branching out, resistance and the collective.  

And to bring us home, Michelle and Victoria have advice to their younger selves.

Episode Run-Down

  1. Most significant experiences of Pushing The Edge for Change and Innovation – Getting Permission
  2. Personalizing student learning – Tailoring the curriculum (3:00 min mark)
  3. Personalizing when you have Standards to meet – Common Core  vs Romeo and Juliet vs Science Fiction (4:19)
  4. Personalizing when you have so many students to teach (6:57)
  5. Personalizing – It’s about Mindset (8:52)
  6. Breaking away from Comfy and Safe (11:56)
  7. Permission to do things – Creating the conditions (14:20)
  8. Building experiences with leaders (17:25)
  9. Transformation District-wise (18:58)
  10. Leadership – Encouraging the taking of risks (20:15)
  11. Shift from strict control to ‘take risks’ (22:09)
  12. Permission for ourselves to take risks (23:11)
  13. What’s best for our students – Getting clear (24:40)
  14. The battle with our mindset (26:25)
  15. Pushing past the fear and vulnerability (28:31) – Strategies
  16. The Lightning Round (33:00)
  17. Advice to our younger selves (35:45)

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