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Uplifting the Voices and Languages of Latinx Communities with Victor Martinez

In Episode 45: Supporting Latinx students to see the many possibilities for themselves. Plus challenging the shame and stigma associated with speaking your first language, Spanish. 

Episode 45

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Episode Guest

  • Victor Martinez is a dual language English teacher in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Quick Guide

  • Victor introduces himself
  • The impact of not seeing students like yourself in college
  • Opportunities for, and attitudes about Latino students
  • Applying the lens of racial equity in the classroom
  • How Victor uplifts his students’ voices and values their experiences
  • Black Lives Matter Action Week – Determining what’s ‘suitable’ for our students and responding to push-back
  • The link between bilingualism, multilingualism and inclusion
  • The shame and stigma associated with speaking your first language
  • The challenges for students in the current political climate – regarding immigration
  • The impact of being a Latino and gay teacher
  • Different attitudes to watching a video about police brutality
  • The difference between working in a majority white school versus a majority Latino/People of Color school
  • Victor’s involvement in LULAC and LULAC Lambda and how they impact on his work as a teacher
  • Owning our voice and advocating for what’s important to us
  • Spotlight Segment: Mendez vs Westminster (1945) Court Case in the USA
  • Twists & Turns Segment: Integration
  • Closing Remarks
  • The Right Track Segment: The impact of a sign on Victor’s classroom door

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