Whose History Are We Telling with Eric Fieldman

Whose History Are We Telling with Eric Fieldman

In Episode 41: From holding back to standing up as a teacher; who’s present and who’s absent in our history curricula & text books? And what’s problematic about debating in the classroom?

Episode 41

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Episode Guest

  • Eric Fieldman is a History teacher in Collingswood, New Jersey, USA.
  • Eric on Twitter
  • Eric’s blog

Episode 41 – Quick Guide

  • Eric introduces himself
  • Teachers and neutrality in the classroom
  • Eric’s journey from holding back to standing up
  • How we view young people
  • Debating the issues of our lives in the classroom
  • Intersectionality and why it matters
  • Building support for change (parents and school community)
  • The power of students
  • The lens of history
  • Debate and diatribe in the classroom
  • Spotlight Segment
  • Twists & Turn Segment
  • Closing Remarks
  • I knew I was on the right track

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