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Making a Difference by Not Playing It Safe (Part 2) – PTE017

Promo for Pushing The Edge - of Voice, Relationships, Home, and Making a Difference by Not Playing It Safe - Part 2

In Part 2 of My Chat with Rachael Lehr – We’re Standing Up for Student Voice, Identifying the Key Challenges facing School Leaders, and Changing the World at a Local Level






In Part 1 of my chat with Rachael Lehr we talked about Motivations and Inspirations for Pushing The Edge, Social Justice, How to Stay True to Yourself and Navigate Self-Doubts.

Click Play below to Listen to Part 1 of Making a Difference by Not Playing It Safe

Show Guest – Greg CurranPhoto of Greg Curran

 G’day there, I’ve been roaming the fields of education for over 28 years now (eeek!!)

I’ve worked as a Primary/Elementary Teacher, a ELL (English Language Learner) Co-ordinator and Teacher, a Researcher, Lecturer and Manager.

I’m also a Teacher Educator (Lecturer), podcaster and blogger

What makes me tick?

  • Colouring outside the lines, challenging the conventions within education that work to disadvantage, silence, or stigmatise minorities;
  • New ideas – New Approaches – New Ways of Thinking. I’m not content to do the same old over and over again;
  • The challenge of innovation, trying out new approaches, shaking up my ‘business as usual’;
  • Being involved in the journey of change.  

Episode Summary

In this episode, the second part of my chat with Rachael Lehr.Photo of Rachael Lehr - Shaking It Up by Not Playing It Safe - Pushing The Edge

Together we explore Student voice, the big challenges facing education leaders, and changing the world (yep you heard me right)

There’s also The Lightning Round – where we’re Pushing The Edge of Relationships, Discomfort, Home, and Making a Difference

Plus I’ve got a couple of Not To Be Missed Books – Books that have been especially influential in my teaching life. 

Episode Run-Down

  1. Standing Up for Student Voice
  2. My #1 Tip for Pre-Service Teachers
  3. The Biggest Challenges for School Leaders
  4. How to Stay Passionate
  5. Changing the World at a Local Level
  6. The Lightning Round – Discomfort – Home – Relationships – Making a Difference

Thanks to Rachael Lehr, Jason Borton and Laura Hill for their questions.

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About Me: Greg Curran

As an educator with 28 years’ experience, I have a passion for change and innovation.

With a PhD in Education, Counselling and Coaching qualifications I have made it my business to understand change and innovation at a theoretical and practical level.

I have held leadership and co-ordination roles, having lead education reform at a policy, curriculum and staff development level.

Innovation has been a key aspect of my teaching, presenting, research, and writing within the Education sector.

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