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Transformation with Digital Storytelling
Transformation with Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling in the classroom affords so many opportunities for transformation – whether it be in skill level, self-confidence, attitudes, or in building a sense of community.

Here’s some key moments of transformation in my adult English Language Learner classroom.

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Teaching digital Storytelling to English Language Learners

Here’s my tips, strategies, and resources for teaching digital storytelling to lower level English Language Learners.

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Break the Silence

Challenge the silence

This is a raw account of silence within school. A silence born out of fear and despair. A silence that we have the power to challenge as educators.

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Student Agency – Driving Change in School

Change Happens when GLBTI students take the lead - Agency

We’re often focused on what’s not working for GLBTI young people in schools.

But what if we recognize student agency – a different picture and different possibilities can emerge.

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Building Confidence and Literacy through Film-Making

Learning English Through Film-Making

It was one of the most powerful film-making experiences I’ve had with my adult English as an Additional Language (EAL) students. 

It illustrated how how we can ‘shoot for the moon’ with our students and actually get there.

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What to Do if the Technology is Stuffed in your School

Overcoming Stuffed Technology in Schools

Shiny gadgets, unbridled excitement. It’s awesomeness on overdrive.

That’s technology in Education, on the internet. Right?

Well it’s definitely not the education institutions I’ve worked in.

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Professional Development That Worked

Professional Development That Worked - PD

Here’s my tale of a Professional Development program that transformed teacher attitudes towards teaching multimedia with their students.

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Creating Safe Schools with Roz Ward – PTE029

Enough is Enough: Young People Challenging Brutal School Cultures - Safe Schools

It’s what we want for all our students – safe schools.

For some students though – school is the most unsafe place for them to be.

And increasingly they’re saying, ‘enough is enough if our school leaders & teachers won’t take action to make school safe for us we will.’

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Facing our Fears with Justin Schleider – PTE028

Promo for Facing our fears with Justin Schleider

How a Phys Ed Teacher confronts his fear about The Other – Refugees. 

Plus, realizing our privilege and using it for good in our classroom and online.  

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Promo for Being An Ally for Social Justice - Pushing The Edge Podcast

In this episode, How to be an Ally for Social Justice.

What if we want to speak up but aren’t sure if our words are right? What if slip up and make a mistake? We’ve got some useful tips and insights to share.

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