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Pushing the Edge

We didn't know but we should have - bullying in school

We Didn’t Know About the Bullying But We Should Have

We didn't know but we should have - bullying in school

Homophobic bullying is rampant in most schools leading to suicide and a range of other tragic outcomes. How might we make our schools safe for all – and – what would leadership of a Safe School sound like?

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Why I’m Compelled to Take Action as a Teacher

My students compel me to act - to take action

With a new president and a rise in hate-related crimes, I found myself wondering why I’m compelled to take action for social justice

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Unsure What to Do? Amplify the Voices of Others

Amplify voices for change

Feel too scared to speak up? Maybe you don’t have the words. Regardless – we need you.  
Here’s how you can help

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Standing United as a Community

Standing Together - for Love

How in the space of twelve years have we moved from opposition to overwhelming support for marriage equality? Community – that’s how.

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Mental Health and the Weight of Activism

Mental Health and Activism

This week is Mental Health Week in Australia. Inspired by the many educators who have courageously shared the challenges they’ve faced on the mental health front, I offer one more tale – my own. 

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We Don’t Want a Plebiscite on Same-Sex Marriage

Our love matters. Legalise same-sex marriage

For years, we’ve sought marriage equality in Australia. It’s been a hate-filled time especially with the push for a plebiscite. Here’s how you can help make a difference.

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Being an Upstander for Justice

Standing Up for Justice

Are you an upstander or bystander in matters of social justice? A series of encounters with a vicious, racist sticker in my community has me thinking.

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Beyond Worksheets and Spelling Tests

Getting beyond worksheets and spelling tests

Within the adult English Language Teaching classroom one thing is sure – there’ll always be a call for traditional ‘stand at the board’ teaching, worksheets & spelling tests. So how do you resist and make teaching more real-world and authentic?

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Falling In and Out Of Love With Footy

Falling in and out of love with footy

It’s a question that asked every week on my favourite sports show – The Outer Sanctum – How is your relationship with footy right now?  For me, it’s an especially tricky life question, laced with bullying and bigotry on multiple fronts. But big change is on the way.

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Coming Out to My Students – Again

How I came out to my students

Coming Out isn’t a one-time event. We’re often coming out in our personal lives. But what about in the classroom? How do we navigate this often tricky & potentially dangerous situation?

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