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Pushing the Edge

Screen image of google browser with text How to use Google Drive with Adult English Language Learners and Pushing The Edge website

Google Drive has been the foundation of my adult English Language Learner classroom. It’s been key to fostering student independence, collaboration and digital literacy skills. Check out how I use it in my class as well as my key learnings along the way.

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Screen shot of Seesaw features with Pushing The Edge logo

Seesaw offers so many possibilities in the English Language Learner classroom. Here I describe a Photography project that built students speaking, reading and writing skills. [click to continue…]

Screenshot of Seesaw functions with Pushing The Edge logo

If you’re keen on improving students’ communicative language skills, then Seesaw offers many possibilities for your classroom – especially on the video and audio front. Here I detail my key likes and learnings. [click to continue…]

Screenshot of Seesaw functions along with a Pushing The Edge logo

How do we get beyond traditional teaching approaches when using tech? In this post, we’re improving worksheets and building speaking skills with Seesaw. We’re also thinking differently about our teaching. [click to continue…]

Building speaking skills and self confidence with Flipgrid. Photo of mobile phone and writing pad
It’s a teaching approach – combined with FlipGrid – that’s lead to profound shifts in my student’s speaking skills, and their confidence in front of a camera. I’ll detail how we did it, key tips and learning moments along the way.  [click to continue…]

Text - Marriage, Equality and Teachers - Pride

After writing about marriage equality in my classroom, I received some beautiful responses on marriage, equality and teachers. Have a read and be inspired.

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Image of traffic lights with same-sex couples. Text says - Can we come to your wedding

In the battle for Marriage Equality, I reflect on moments in my classroom as a gay teacher. Most noticeably, a ‘can we come to your wedding?’ plea from my students. [click to continue…]

two iclose up images of eye and ear with the text - Being seen and heard as an English Language Learner

Did you ever think you would make a website to show your work? 

She shakes her head in disbelief – looking at her newly created online Learning Portfolio.

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Text - Take a chance you might surprise yourself. Backdrop row of doors with one door being a different colour

I don’t think teachers will wanna listen.

What if I lose my regular listeners because they hate sport or physical education?

How am I gonna get new listeners when no-one knows me for sport. 

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Image of soccer ball with the text - Having a voice and sense of belonging in a soccer club. Listen to Pushing The Edge dot org slash 38. Also image of Pushing The Edge icon.

It’s a soccer team made up almost entirely of new arrivals and refugees to Australia. So how do the young players construct their identity and sense of belonging? And what about the young women facing narrow and discriminatory views of femininity at the club? How do they resist?

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