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Professional Development That Worked - PD

Professional Development That Worked

Professional Development That Worked - PD

Here’s my tale of a Professional Development program that transformed teacher attitudes towards teaching multimedia with their students.

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Creating Safe Schools with Roz Ward – PTE029

Enough is Enough: Young People Challenging Brutal School Cultures - Safe Schools

It’s what we want for all our students – safe schools.

For some students though – school is the most unsafe place for them to be.

And increasingly they’re saying, ‘enough is enough if our school leaders & teachers won’t take action to make school safe for us we will.’

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Facing our Fears with Justin Schleider – PTE028

Promo for Facing our fears with Justin Schleider

How a Phys Ed Teacher confronts his fear about The Other – Refugees. 

Plus, realizing our privilege and using it for good in our classroom and online.  

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Promo for Being An Ally for Social Justice - Pushing The Edge Podcast

In this episode, How to be an Ally for Social Justice.

What if we want to speak up but aren’t sure if our words are right? What if slip up and make a mistake? We’ve got some useful tips and insights to share.

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Ending White Silence in Education Promo

In this episode, how might we challenge the silence that prevails in relation to social justice issues in Education?

Our guest, Greg Michie also has insights on truly seeing our students and teaching a #BlackLivesMatter curriculum.

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Let’s Challenge White Silence in Twitter Chats

Ending White Silence in Twitter Chats

White Silence is almost deafening in twitter chats. Gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, belief systems, dis/ability and other aspects of difference – are rarely afforded space on a regular basis (as opposed to one-off chats).

Here’s some tips to challenge that silence.

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Not Being the Outsider in Education Spaces

Not being an outsider in education - Pushing The Edge Blogpost

You’re seated at the table. You’re speaking but it’s not resonating. Your words, your ideas, your issues seem to evaporate as soon as they’re spoken. 

They’re relevant. They’re on topic – at least you think so.  Yet they have little purchase here – at the Twitter Chat table – where silence on matters of diversity are generally par for the course. 

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Teaching About Identity with Bill Ivey – PTE025

Promo for Teaching About Identity with Bill Ivey

In this episode, how do we get beyond a focus on single aspects of identity?

How might we explore the intersections of identity – showing how aspects such as gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, and socio-economic status interact with each other?

Bill Ivey has some top insights – from his class teaching – in this area. 

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Going Back, Finding Me, Coming Home

Image of Going Back Finding Me Coming Home

For so long, I pushed back and resisted it.

For so long, I dismissed the idea outright.

Going back – I  wouldn’t even countenance consideration of it.

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Students as Change-Makers - Promo for Pushing The Edge Podcast

In this episode, empowering our students to be change-makers.

Let’s start with disrupting the business as usual’ stories of oppression.

Let’s tell a more complex and nuanced story of students’ cultures and communities.

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