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Pushing the Edge

What Inspires and Ignites you? Re-connect and Thrive

What Inspires and Ignites You - Pushing The Edge with Greg Curran

An isolated landscape in far north Queensland.

It’s mid morn but the temperature is already nudging 35 celcius.What Inspires & Ignites You - Pushing The Edge with Greg Curran

The sky is the bluest of blue, the earth the reddest of red. 

All around the widest of vistas – stretching out forever in front of us – carpeted in the greenest of green bush.

We’re climbing up, over, and around rocky outcrops  – including the most gi-normous boulders. All on the way to  view the most awe-inspiring, jaw dropping,  Indigenous Rock Art.

Something happens  as we do.

Unexpectedly…it creeps up on me from no-where and goes right through me to my core.

It’s a sensation that I’m still struggling to adequately describe. Words just don’t seem to do it justice.

It’s like I’m home and yet I’m not – am I?

My mood escalates upward. I feel on a high.

‘This is me. This is where I want to be.’

What Inspires and Ignites You - Pushing The Edge with Greg Curran

It’s like a life-force buzzing within me – yet at the same time I feel incredibly grounded and connected

This is, I guess, what they call resonance – and man it’s resonating like nothing else I’ve known.

In our explorations of the stunningly ancient rainforests and jaw-dropping beaches of Far North Queensland nothing has resonated like this.

Nothing comes close. The difference is stark. 

I don’t want to go – I don’t want to let go of this moment – this feeling – this connectedness.

I’m speechless…I say nothing – as I grapple with what’s happening to me.

It hovers, ever-present in my consciousness, pulsing through my body, seemingly unshiftable.

What Inspires and Ignites You - Pushing The Edge with Greg Curran


Simon says he felt something too.

It’s like our times spent in other remote parts of Australia.

Times we can’t forget…Times we can’t shake….in Kakadu in the Northern Territory and The Kimberley in Western Australia. 

Maybe though it’s not about making sense of it all through some fixed, rational explanation.

Maybe..it’s just about letting it be….

…knowing that I can go here to re-fuel and ground myself;

…knowing that I can go here to ignite a spark that pulses within me; 

…knowing that I can go here – and everything else in my life disappears;

Nothing matters here but just this moment in time.

Pushing back against mere survival…living more in Thrive mode…means regularly reconnecting with transformative places like this…for me.

Cos thriving doesn’t happen by chance.

To Thrive is to tune in – to what resonates  – to what catches us unawares – to what lifts and ignites us yet firmly grounds us at the same time. And in ways that sometimes defy explanation.

To Thrive is to  Tune in – to Make time for Us – Our Voice – Our Being AND TURN IT UP BIG TIME.  

Check-Out my THRIVE Series for Educators.

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  • Jen Moes

    I had a similar experience recently. I found myself sitting on a treeroot directly beside a busy street in Hanoi, at 6am, staring at the motorbikes streaming past while the park came to Tai Chi life infront of me. I had an overwhelming want to live there and become a part of it, not just a passing tourist. I didn’t have the same experience in any other Viet city, or other place for that matter.

    It has certainly woken a previously unknown interest in OS travel.

    • Greg Curran

      Yes that ‘overwhelm’ really captures it Jen – and wanting to “become part of it”. And like you say…not having the same experience elsewhere. It’s pretty profound really. I almost had a sense that I was part of it in a way that I struggle to adequately express. Great to see how it its awoken an interest in you…something that was obviously there but needed something to ignite or release it.

  • Heidi

    Wow, Greg. This is beautiful…both the words and pictures. I almost felt an inner peace just reading it! I hope everyone has their special place where they can go and re-fuel and just “be.” Unfortunately, I don’t think many people slow down enough and take the time. I know I will next time I am in a place in nature with sheer beauty all around me. Well done, my friend.

    • Greg Curran

      Thanks so much Heidi. It’s weird cos I almost felt I couldn’t capture what I was feeling in words. As though what I would write would be inadequate. I’m glad to know they resonated for you.

      Yes that rush, rush, rush does often mean we don’t take time to notice or tune into the beauty of the world around us. Sometimes it takes experiences like time away on holidays to remind us….and yet beauty exists right on our doorstep if we take the time to stop and tune in.


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