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Students as Change-Makers with Christina Torres

In this episode, empowering our students to be change-makers. Let’s start with disrupting the business as usual’ stories of oppression. Let’s tell a more complex and nuanced story of students’ cultures and communities.


Show Guest – Christina Torres

Christina is a Year 7 and 9 English teacher in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

Students as Change-Makers with Christina Torres

Christina Torres

She writes about race relations, culture, education and fitness. 

She is a regular contributor to the #Educolor Twitter Chat. Her twitter handle is @biblio_phile.

Episode Summary

In this episode, how can we support and empower students to make change happen?

How can we empower them to be change-makers who challenge and transform unjust systems?

We’ve gotta dislodge a huge obstacle: the stories of oppression and victim-hood that are so prevalent.

We’ve gotta review and re-frame the ways we view and talk about ourselves and our communities. 

It all starts with re-thinking our business as usual in schools. And on that count we’ve got quite a few ideas to share.

Episode Run-Down

How Christina Pushes The Edge (1:36 min mark)

How to center social justice around students and their worlds (2:14)

Student resistance in action (3:38)

Students interacting with race: Seeing themselves in power (7:26)

How to teach for student agency (10:34 & 12:27))

Re-thinking how we view and talk about particular communities (11:26 & 14:47)

Re-thinking how we view and talk about ‘success’ (16:15)

Empowering students to recognize their capital (22:07)

Naming ourselves with empowered language (23:08)

Getting beyond stories of oppression – moving toward hope, joy, persistence and possibility (25:16)

Getting beyond obedience and polite ‘critical thinking’ (27:50)

The Lightning Round – defiance, vulnerability, cultural capital, teacher-leader, agency, and advice (30:32)

A Not To Be Missed Take-Away (34:56)

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