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Complicating Diversity and Inclusion with Maha Bali

In Episode 42: becoming conscious about oppression; why we need to re-think traditional critical thinking and debating approaches in the classroom; and how we can push beyond generic approaches to diversity and inclusion.

Episode 42

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Episode Guest

Episode 42 – Quick Guide

  • Maha introduces herself
  • Becoming conscious of our oppression
  • The challenge of implementing critical pedagogy – in the classroom and online
  • Gender inequality in STEM | The privileging of men in STEM
  • Feminist conceptions of critical thinking | gendered ways of knowing
  • Critically unpacking traditional ‘critical thinking’ and debating approaches in the classroom (including fake binaries)
  • An alternative approach to debating (Stephen Brookfield idea)
  • Getting beyond generic approaches to diversity in schools
  • Re-thinking how we view our anger
  • Learning to recognise our triggers, and the legitimacy of our anger
  • Building affiliation across points of difference (building community and trust)
  • Critically unpacking traditional approaches to ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ in education and community development
  • An intentional approach to inclusion
  • A virtual connection initiative enabling educators to connect with speakers at international conferences (Spotlight segment)
  • How to get beyond the ‘it’s hard doing this work‘ thinking and feeling
  • Closing Remarks
  • The Right Track Segment (Re-thinking the Privilege Walk activity)

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