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Facing our Fears with Justin Schleider

How a Physical Education Teacher confronts his fear about The Other – Refugees. Plus, realizing our privilege and using it for good in our classroom and online.  


Show Guest – Justin SchleiderFacing our fears with Justin Schleider

Justin is an elementary Physical Education and Health Teacher in New Jersey, USA.  

Episode Summary

In this episode, Transformative Moments:  the moments where you come to face to face with a stark realization that changes how you see yourself, your life and the world around you. And life from hereon is different if you choose to make it so.

That’s what happened to our guest, Justin Schleider who comes to realize his privilege as a White, Straight, Middle Class Educator.

But that’s not all – We’re also talking Fear – Fear of The Other – in this case: Refugees seeking asylum in our countries. It’s a fear, that has Justin facing his own family history. 

And of course, we’ve also got the Lightning Round where Justin issues me a challenge on the brevity front as we push the edges of Money, Discomfort, Growth Mindset, and being a white educator.

Plus we ponder – can we ever stop being educators?

Note: There are occasional problems with the audio quality in this interview due to the Skype recording. My apologies on that front.

Episode Run-Down

  • How Justin Pushes the Edge (2:09)
  • How Justin came to branch out beyond what’s normal for him (2:51)
  • How Justin came to realize his privilege & began stepping out beyond it (6:30)
  • Learning to keep our mouths shut (8:55)
  • Learning, reading, conversing, and finding out more (11:24)
  • Facing conflict online – Justin’s experience and how he responded(14:10)
  • ‘One Word Fear’ | Justin confronts his fear of refugees seeking asylum (18:14)
  • Justin connects to his grandparents’ story and The Holocaust(21:48)
  • Why Justin published his post about his fear (23:03)
  • How Justin teaches about difference in Health Classes (25:56)
  • How reaching out beyond what’s familiar has benefited Justin and his students (28:34)
  • The Lightning Round – White Educator, Money, Discomfort, Growth Mindset, White Privilege, Ever Stop Being a Teacher (32:01)
  • Justin’s parting thoughts on the ‘hidden curriculum’ and teaching about difference and empathy (36:52)

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