Why Sports Clubs should build links to multicultural communities

Connecting Sporting Clubs Back to Their Communities with Sue McGill

Sports clubs live and die by participation – that’s what Sue McGill thinks – And too often clubs don’t represent the communities they’re part of. Here Sue shares tips and insights from The Huddle at North Melbourne Footy Club which proudly serves the multicultural community it’s part of. 

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Show Guest: Sue McGill

Sue Mcgill

Sue McGill – Photo supplied

Sue is the Regional Manager of The Huddle at North Melbourne Football Club

Episode 35: Overview

In this episode, how can sport clubs open up opportunities for culturally diverse youth?

How can they help them bridge the gap between their communities and mainstream sporting teams?

And why should sports clubs reach out, beyond their traditional supporter base? What’s in it for them and their communities?

Plus, we’ve also got the Lightning Round where we’re pushing the edges of participation, assumptions, leadership and community.

Episode Run-Down

  • Introduction to Sue and the North Melbourne Huddle
  • The power of sport for social connections
  • How The Huddle fosters connections for culturally diverse youth
  • The importance of listening and the process of building trust with young people
  • Why sporting clubs should build links to their multicultural communities
  • What can Phys Ed teachers and Sports Coaches do to engage young people
  • How do The Huddle teachers and coaches work with their young people?
  • How The Huddle works against discrimination & helps foster pathways into mainstream sports teams – for its young people
  • What does the newly started AFL Women’s team mean to Sue?
  • The Lightning Round: participation, the power of sport, assumptions, re-thinking, leadership and community.
  • The power of sport as a community development vehicle

Connecting Sporting Clubs back to Their Communities – Links

Making sport more welcoming for migrants

Physical Education and Sports Resources

Are you looking for inspiration or ideas – to make your Phys Ed class or sports club more inclusive? Check out my Social Justice and Sports Resource Page

You’ll find plenty of ideas from sporting organisations who proudly embrace diversity plus activists who are seeking to change the sporting landscapes. Also catch up on past episodes in this Sports-focused season. 

Making Sport Inclusive

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