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How to Navigate your Self-Doubt and Connect Online with Ashley Hurley

Why would anyone want to hear what I’ve got to say? What if I look silly? We’re talking Self-Doubt and how to overcome it, and connect online.



Show Guest – Ashley Hurley

Photo of Ashley Hurley - Guest in Pushing the Edge Podcast. Episode Title -How to Navigate your self-doubt and connect online

Ashley Hurley

I am a Professional Development Specialist. I work primarily with teachers of grades 6-12 and my area of focus is literacy.

I LOVE satiating my curiosity by reading, writing, connecting, making, & teaching. I have an amazing family, incredible friends, a cool little dog, & out of this world three-legged cat.

Episode Summary

You’ve got something to say but you’re nervous. Your stomach’s in knots and your head’s filled with endless chatter: 

  • Why would anyone want to hear what I’ve got to say?
  • What if they don’t like my ideas?
  • Even worse what if no-one reads or listens – and my ideas just disappear into the vortex?  
In this episode: 
  • How do we navigate the fears and self-doubt relating to sharing our ideas online?
  • How do we overcome the procrastination, take that step and just ship it – letting our ideas out into the world? 

Plus – We’re thinking on our feet with the Lightning Round with Risk, Passion and Curiosity up for scrutiny. And to bring us home – A Not To Be Missed Book about How to Think Creatively.

Episode Highlights

  1. What makes Ashley tick? (1:31)
  2. What’s Ashley’s Edge – What would her PLN say? (2:25)
  3. What’s Thriving for Ashley?  –  Including not editing our thinking (3:46 and 4:22)
  4. Learning to really brainstorm for the first time (4:32)
  5. How to get past the self-censoring and self-doubt – Ashley’s experience (5:32)
  6. Getting past the ‘I’m gonna sound silly’, the judging of ourselves, and publishing a blog-post  (8:20)
  7. The value of our PLN – when we’re feeling down (9:54)
  8. The Lightning Round – Thriving – Risk – Voice – Passion – Curiosity – Creativity (12:12)
  9. The word that sparked the two of us (13:38)
  10. Ashley’s Not To Be Missed Book (16:14)

Ashley’s Dog & Cat

Links & Resources

  1. Connect with Ashley Hurley: Website – Twitter
  2. Find Your Voice – Jen Moes has some top insights about how she found her voice online (Pushing The Edge Podcast Episode)
  3. My Insights on Finding Your Voice as a teacher – Wrestling the self-doubt and taking risks. 
  4. Read: Ashley’s Not To Be Missed BookThinker Toys by Michael Michalko
  5. Watch Carol Dweck talk about Mindset

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