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How to Navigate Social Justice Issues in the Classroom with Rusul Alrubail

You’re passionate about exploring Social Justice issues in the classroom. But you’re worried about being accused of Pushing An Agenda. Here’s some Tips.


Show Guest – Rusul Alrubail

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Rusul Alrubail

I teach students that writing is power.  I believe in kindness & empathy as a motivator for our actions: they lead to a path of peace and happiness.

Episode Summary

If you’re passionate about social justice and ‘making a difference’ in students’ lives – you’re probably familiar with a few choice accusations  that can cause educators to withdraw, self-censor, tone it down, or shut-up. 

The accusations? That they’re not objective or neutral, that they’re pushing an agenda, or pushing their bandwagon.

In This Episode: Navigating social justice issues in the classroom.

  • How do you encourage open discussion when you’re worried about accusations of pushing a bandwagon?
  • What do you do if there’s conflict between students – about the issues?

There’s also the Lightning Round where courage, fear, and vulnerability are up for scrutiny. And to take us out: Standing up for your agenda. I’ve got a few What Ifs for you.

Episode Highlights

  1. What makes Rusul tick? (1:29)
  2. How Passion drives Rusul (2:23)
  3. How to navigate accusations of pushing an agenda or being seen as single issue (3:40 and 8:27)
  4. How to navigate differences of view in the classroom  (6:50)
  5.  The Lightning Round – Voice – Courage – Pushing The Edge – Vulnerability – Passion – The Power of Writing (10:34)
    1. Vulnerability and How to put yourself out there as a blogger (11:23)
  6. Standing Up for Your Agenda – Greg Curran (13:52)

Links for People and Issues Mentioned in this Episode

  • Ray Rice – Rusul mentioned discussing the ‘Ray Rice Incident’ in her classroom
  • Starr Sackstein – Starr was influential in Rusul overcoming her fear of writing online

Social Justice Issues – Links & Resources

  1. Connect with Rusul Alrubail on Twitter
  2. Listen to Two Social Justice Infused episodes of Pushing The Edge Podcast
    1. Shake up your Beliefs and Values with Erin Stevenson
    2. Find Your Voice and Thrive with Jenny Moes
  3. Read: How to get buy-in for the Social Justice Issues you’re passionate about. My Post inspired by chats with Rusul Alrubail and Matt Parker. 
  4. Read – How to Make Change Happen – My Top Posts and Resources relating to driving Social Justice-related Change.

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