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Navigating White Spaces with Sherri Spelic

In Episode 47: Fitting in and assimilation in predominantly white spaces. Plus promoting girls’ participation in sport, and making physical education classes more inclusive and fair. 

Episode 47

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Episode Guest

  • Sherri Spelic is an elementary physical education teacher in an international school in Vienna, Austria.

Quick Guide

  • Sherri introduces herself
  • What’s spurred Sherri on – in respect to diversity
  • Fitting in, belonging & assimilation in predominantly white spaces
  • Broadening our notions of ‘inclusion’
  • Unpacking Sherri’s sense of being ‘sister assimilation’
  • Inclusion and fairness in physical education classes
  • Promoting girls’ participation
  • Spotlight Segment: People of Color Conference
  • Twists & Turns Segment: Being an individual versus being part of a community
  • Closing Remarks
  • The Right Track Segment: Finding a sense of home in Black Twitter

Navigating White Spaces – Links

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