Teaching Physical Education in a More Inclusive Way - with Grant O Sullivan and Loretta Konjarski

Teaching Physical Education in a More Inclusive Way with Loretta Konjarski and Grant O Sullivan

It’s a site where many young people feel exposed and unsafe – the Physical Education class. Hear how you can start teaching Phys Ed in a more inclusive way.

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Episode 33 Overview

In this episode, how do we make Physical Education more safe and welcoming for our diverse mix of students?

We tackle labels and the limitations of gender specific sports, as well as being closeted as an athlete. Also how we can help young people have a more positive view of their bodies.

And what you can do right now, to make your Physical Education classes more inclusive.

Then there’s the Lightning Round where we’re pushing the edges of language, lifelong participation, mental health, self-acceptance and inclusion.

Show Guests

Loretta Konjarski  is the Co-ordinator of Bachelor of Physical Education and Sport Science at Victoria University  in Melbourne, Australia.

Dr Grant O Sullivan is an early career researcher in the Active Living Program in the Institute of Sport, Exercise & Active Living at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. 

I wasn't bringing my whole self to the sport - teaching Physical Education in a more inclusive way

Episode Run-down

  • Grant introduces himself
  • The impact of being a closeted athlete
  • Loretta introduces herself
  • The impact of labels and why we should challenge them
  • The impact of homophobia and transphobia on young people’s participation in sport
  • How Physical Education teachers can make their classrooms more inclusive
  • How we can shift beyond the status quo – in Physical Education teaching
  • How schools are teaching physical education in more inclusive ways
  • How sport impacts on young people’s body image
  • How we can promote more positive sense of body image
  • How we can challenge those who are wedded to gender specific sports
  • What you can do if you’re looking for a more inclusive Physical Education or Sports space

Teaching Physical Education in a More Inclusive Way – Episode Links

Physical Education and Sports Resources

Check out my Social Justice and Sports Resource Page. You’ll find inspiring activists and organisations, plus plenty of articles that’ll fire you up to make change happen in your class or club.

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Pushing the Edge for diversity in sports

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