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Reach Out to Thrive with Samantha Bates

In Episode 2: Why resources matter in education. Why we must reach out and connect. And how to challenge negative self talk as a teacher.

Samantha Bates - Reach out to Thrive - Pushing the Edge PodcastShow Guest: Samantha Bates 

I’m a former Middle School Teacher. I currently work with a professional association for teachers.  We provide insurance and professional development, and we talk with legislators on behalf of teachers. What makes me tick is my passion for Public Education and just knowing that everyone gets the education they’re entitled to.

Episode Summary 

Books, Technology, Social Media  – pretty key resources – but who gets access to them? Our guest, Sam Bates, is driven by her grandmother’s limited access to education as well as other resources. 

  • What resources are crucial to us thriving today as teachers and students? 
  • And how do we work with those negative voices within us – that stop us from reaching out to connect?

They’re the questions we’ll be exploring.  Plus there’s the Meteor Shower (Also known as The Lightning Round). And be ready, there’s even some gung-ho thrown in. 

Episode Highlights 

  • 2:18 – What makes Sam tick? 
  • 2:30 – What drives Sam’s passion for public education?
  • 3:32 – What does Thriving look like to Sam?
  • 4:31 – What resources help Sam thrive? How does she reach out and connect?
  • 8:13 – How does Sam work with her self-doubts? How does she challenge her negative self-talk?
  • 11:51 – THE METEOR SHOWER  (Also known as the Lightning Round
  • Sam re-named this segment, just for this episode, as we got into a real banter about the topics. It seemed more like a Meteor Shower than the Lightning Round. 

Links & Resources 

  1. Sam’s blog & Twitter

  2. Sam’s Favourite Ways to Reach Out to Connect with Educators: Edcamp (4:55 minute mark)  & Weirded (Weird Ed Twitter Chat)

  3. Key Educators for Sam:

    1. Samuel Fishburn – 7:01
    2. John Wick on Twitter and Revogogy (website) – 12:27 minute mark
  4. Sam’s Not to Be Missed Book – He’s the Weird Teacher by Doug Robertson

  5. The Magic of Connecting on Twitter – My Experience  

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