Turning Points that Transform Our Teaching with Andy Vasily - Pushing The Edge with Greg Curran

How Turning Points Can Transform Our Teaching with Andy Vasily

In this episode – Listening to that ‘call from within’, and responding to ‘turning points’ in our lives – with Physical Education teacher, Andy Vasily


Show Guest – Andy Vasily

Andy Vasily Photo - Pushing The Edge with Greg Curran

Andy Vasily

I’m a Primary Years Programme (PYP) Physical Education Teacher, Workshop Leader, Presenter and Blogger who has spent most of my career abroad.

I’ve worked in Japan, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, and China (where I’m currently working).  

I believe that our pursuit of mastery in teaching is really our pursuit of mastery in life.

There is no difference between personal and professional when it comes to being an educator.

I believe that finding our inspiration and passion is pivotal to deepening our teaching practice.

We must clarify what our purpose is and by doing so, we will have a greater sense of direction in our career.

It’s all about finding out what makes us tick. This is critical to me as a person and educator. 

Episode Summary

What do you do when faced with potentially life changing moments? 

Do you continue with what’s safe and familiar or do you dare to step off that conveyor belt? 

Plus, you’ve got ideas for change – your colleagues are all on board – until it comes time to speak up. Then they’re no-where to be found.

So what do you do?  

In the Lightning Round we’re Pushing The Edge of boundaries, Mindset & Making a Difference.

Episode Run-Down

  1. Who is Andy Vasily and What’s his Most Significant Experience of Pushing The Edge for Change? 1:12
  2. That Inner Call – that Inner Niggle and Taking Risks 3:10
  3. What Stops Us from Taking Risks 4:19
  4. The Fear of Not Living Up to Other People’s Expectations 5:39
  5. Connecting through Vulnerability 6:15
  6. Being True to Our Voice 7:21
  7. A Major Incident Takes Place 8:20
  8. The Spark returns 12:02
  9. The transformation in Andy’s blogging 13:35
  10. Having the Courage to Speak Up for Change and Supporting Others to Do So 14:50
  11. My Key Learning about Physical Education and Teaching 17:09
  12. The Lightning Round: Boundaries, Mindset, Making a Difference 18:12
  13. Advice to Andy’s Younger Self about Pushing The Edge for Change and Innovation 20:59

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