Why is the Maths Teacher Here for Social Studies with Jenna Laib

In Episode 54,  how can we challenge Eurocentrism in the maths classroom and value Indigenous knowledge? Plus, how can we use graphs to explore social justice issues, and cultivate mathematical thinking with all our students.

Episode 54

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Episode Guest

  • Jenna Laib is a K-8 Math Specialist in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Quick Guide

  • Exploring the Seattle Maths K-12 Math Ethnic Studies Framework (2019)
  • Privileging particular names in Maths and erasing others
  • Fibonacci (Leonardo Pisano Bigollo) and Muhammad ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi and Al-Kindi
  • The devaluing and destruction of Indigenous mathematical knowledge
  • Getting beyond Eurocentrism in Maths curricula 
  • Exploring Young Dark Emu and Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe
  • Beyond the familiar – exploring similarities and differences in mathematic ideas and strategies
  • Exploring Jenna’s blogpost – Why is the Maths teacher here for social studies?
  • Using Slow Reveal Graphs for social justice issues  
  • Exploring Jenna’s blogpost – Accessibility and Inclusivity – Strategies for cultivating mathematical thinking for all learners
  • Planning for access and entry points rather than different learning tasks
  • Exploring the I do, We do, You do teaching approach
  • Intervention groups – who’s usually targeted?
  • What’s important: Answer getting or sense making? 
  • Exploring Jenna’s blogpost – Strategies for Cultivating Mathematical Thinking for All Learners
    • Three Approaches
  • Unsung heroes – Mona Chalaby (Data analyst) and North Eastern University’s Operations Research and Social Justice Lab
  • Twists and Turns segment
  • Closing remarks
  • I Knew I was on the Right Track segment

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