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Building Cultures of Thinking in the Maths Classroom with Margarita Breed

In Episode 53, taking the emphasis off the answer in maths, focusing on building meaning and connections rather than remembering rules, and using low floor, high ceiling maths tasks. Plus, we have lots of maths resources to share.

Episode 53

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Episode Guest

  • Margarita Breed is a Numeracy Consultant and former primary and secondary school teacher. You can find her on Linked in.

Quick Guide

  • Why maths matters
  • Learning maths as a lonely and isolating experience
  • How Children Learn and Fail – The quality of teacher explanation
    • John Holt
    • Dianne Siemon (see YouTube clip below)
  • Building a culture of thinking
    • Number Talks
    • Subitising
  • Change one thing at a time
  • Noticing patterns and connections in maths
  • Developing levels of thinking
  • Using rich tasks in the maths classroom
    • Goldbach’s Conjecture (Maths300 Task)
    • Estimation 180 website
    • The circumference of a circle
    • Pi
  • Developing mental maths skills
  • Number partners and number lines
  • Transformations in me and my students (Greg)
  • Maths resources
  • A big aha moment for Greg

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