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Show Guest – Tom Snyder

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Tom Snyder

I’m a 6th Grade Teacher and Team Leader. I’m the father to two great teenage boys and husband for 20 years.

My goal in life is to look for inspiration everywhere and anywhere. Once inspired my goals is to always pay it forward.

Episode Summary

So you’ve been teaching for a while. You’d describe yourself as student centred but you’re seeing the landscape change all around you, and you’re starting to question the way you’ve always done things.

In this episode of Pushing The Edge, how do you get the gumption to take a risk and step outside what’s comfy and familiar to you?


What mindsets help disrupt our business-as-usual thinking and practices?

These questions along with the themes of opportunity, collaboration and relationships are central to this episode.

There’s also the Lightning Round where we’re Pushing The Edge of voice, connection and passion.

And to bring us home, we’re building on a strong foundation and challenging complacency.

Our guest, Tom Snyder, a Middle-School Educator, 20 years in and still going strong. 

Quote from Tom Snyder - I try not to have two bad days in a row

Episode Highlights

  1. What Makes Tom Tick?
  2. How to step outside your comfort zone
  3. How to you pick yourself up – when you’re feeling down
  4. The Lightning Round – Lifts Me No Matter What, Voice, Connection, Passion, Creativity, Pushing The Edge
  5. How to build a strong foundation

Links & Resources

  1. Tom’s BlogTom on Twitter
  2. How to Disrupt Your Comfort Zone – Here’s my Resources to Help You. 
  3. Growth Mindset
    1. Introduction to Growth Mindset – via Brain Pickings 
    2. Carol Dweck’s TED Talk

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