Take Care of You with Jason Borton

Take Care of You with Jason Borton

In the debut episode of Pushing the Edge: Asking tough questions and challenging our everyday routines as teachers and leaders. Let’s take care of you with Jason Borton.

Show Guest: Jason Borton 

At the time of recording, Jason was the Principal (Lead Learner) at Richardson Primary School, Australian Capital Territory, Australia. He enjoys empowering great people to achieve amazing things and is focused on implementing high impact instructional strategies.

Episode Summary 

In this episode, I chat with Jason Borton, an Australian principal who questions everyday taken for granted practices within education.

Among the topics Jason and I canvas: how to really thrive; key ways to connect with awesome educators; and How to take care of you in an occupation where we always seem to be ON and taking on more and more and more. Jason has some pretty compelling suggestions for our well-being. They’re suggestions that you don’t hear too often. He also has a few pointed questions to ask.

Plus there’s the Lightning Round, where quick and insightful answers are the go. I’m sure you’re going to be inspired.  

Episode Highlights 

  • 1:23 – Thriving: What is it? What might it involve?
  • 3:00 – The importance of Twitter – as a tool for reaching out and connecting.
  • 4:05 & 5:34 – How to Take Care of You.
  • 6:47 – Countering the More, More, More mentality
  • 11:18 – Jason’s NOT TO BE MISSED VIDEO  

Links & Resources 

 1. Jason’s Blog

2. Take Care of You – Empowering Resources

  • In order to be able to thrive, it’s crucial as Jason highlighted, to take care of No 1 – Ourselves. Here’s a post I wrote on this topic.
  • I’ve also written a number of blog-posts with tips and strategies for Empowering You.

3. Jason’s Not to Be Missed Video: Embedding Formative Assessment by Dylan Wiliam


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