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How to get from Survive to Thrive mode – PTE006

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  • How to get from Survive to Thrive Mode

Episode Summary 

Do an internet search and one word dominates relating to teaching – SURVIVAL. In this episode, we turn the tables, we’re all about helping you THRIVE.

  • What is thriving? Four quite diverse educators will give us their perspective.  

Then we’ll zero in on Tips and Strategies for Thriving:

  • How do you thrive if you’re totally at odds with your colleagues or your school?

  • What about if you’re feeling disenchanted, lacking energy, and enthusiasm? 

We’ve got lots of Thrive takeaways for you in this episode. So dig in and have a listen. 

Episode Highlights 

1:48 – What is Thriving? (Jen Moes, Craig Kemp, Ashley Hurley, Tom Snyder)

3:15 – I just wanna Survive. How would you respond? (Samantha Bates)

5:52 – How do you thrive if you’re at odds with your colleagues? (Doug Robertson)

8:06 – How do you thrive if you’re at odds with your school? (Erin Stevenson)

9:16 – More Thrive Tips (Jen Moes and Doug Robertson)  

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Thrive – Links & Resources 

  1. CONNECT with my GuestsJen Moes | Craig Kemp | Ashley Hurley  | Tom SnyderSamantha Bates | Erin Stevenson | Doug Robertson
  2. CHECK OUT my Thrive Resources: I’ve written a number of blog-posts with tips and insights relating to thriving in the classroom. Read them here >> Thrive101 Resources Page


Thrive 101 for teachers


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