Creative Disruption - Pushing The Edge with Greg Curran

How to Inspire and Fuel your Creativity: Creative Disruption

Unexpected, unusual, outside the box. Yes on all three counts. Here’s how to fuel your creativity through disruption.

I don’t know why I started it.  I don’t know what inspired it.  

What do I know? (glad you asked)

Well, I do know that its discovery – leads to the biggest grins and laugh out loud moments.

And sometimes, just sometimes even eye-popping moments (‘He did THAT!!’) 

They’re moments that bind us – moments that compel us to stretch even further.  To outdo what’s come before.

These are moments of Creative Disruption.


It all started oh so innocently with creative cushion designs on the couch. 

Soon twisted yoghurt wrappers – that defied description – were flung across rooms. 

Then the oh so hallowed kitchen table fell prey.

Here no object – no food source was (or is) exempt.

Expect the unexpected when you come to dinner here.   WATCH THIS VIDEO BELOW

Fuel your Creativity: Disrupt the Everyday

Creative Disruption

It’s all about taking everyday objects – taking the everyday arrangements of those objects – their usual places in the order – and disrupting them. 

You might call it disrupting what’s taken for granted or casting aside the status quo (for a moment or two). 

It’s about the unusual.

It’s definitely unexpected and sometimes odd.


Disrupting our ‘business as usual’ fuels and ignites us. It pushes the limits of our thinking, as we wonder…

  • How else might we arrange X?
  • What else is possible here?
  • How might I push this even further?
  • How can I shake it up even more?
  • If I put X with U and throw in W – what might result?
  • What would make this scene weirder?
  • What’s just funny because?

Sometimes the disruption’s subtle – you don’t notice it at first.

All the while your partner’s trying to remain composed – thinking, ‘c’mon do I have to point it out to you!!’

Then when you do notice –  that moment – that’s MAGIC.

The smile is gradual at first – then it speeds up transforming your face.

And when you catch your partner’s big cheesy grin  – that’s even better!


Other times, the disruption  just hits you FULL ON. It’s SO damn weird and whacky – or – SO confounding.

Your eyes nearly pop out. It’s SO clever.

  • Like,  “how the X*!! did you do that.” OR
  • “How long did it take you to do THAT?”


Sometimes you just crack up – it’s so unlikely – such a funny combo of objects.

Sometimes you just delight in the creative jousting – scrambling to see who can create the most odd entity in a limited time-span.

And sometimes, it feels incomplete, almost naked you might say –

Until you break out the stylish (some may cruelly say, ‘frenetic’), over the top hand gestures.

That always results in a damn good belly laugh. 


Humble beginnings, they may have had.

Yet Greg & Simon’s Creative Disruptions, just keeps giving back – transforming us, and our home in unexpected ways. 

Never scheduled – rarely planned.

Pushing us – taxing us – stretching and inspiring us.

Feeding, nourishing, and fuelling our creativity. 

Long may these Creative Disruptions reign impertinently.


Fuel your Creativity: Questions and Tips

1.  How do you creatively disrupt your worlds?

  • What are the weird, whacky or unusual things you create – that ignite and fuel you creatively?
  • We’d love to see your creations.

2. I’ve come up with a grab-bag of tips and strategies to get back your creativity

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