Creativity is a key component in Thriving as a teacher. For many of us though, there’s a whole array of hurdles that get in the way of our Creativity.   

I’ve put together a Slideshow packed with tips and strategies to address some of these hurdles – to enable you to rock your creativity once more.

I’ve broken it into two bite-sized chunks: Mindset and Time. You can also watch the entire slideshow below. 

There’s also a grab-bag of Creativity-related resources at the bottom of this page. Dig in.  

It’s all about the Mindset 

Here’s some Mindful tips to tune you into creativity: 

Make Time for Creativity

Don’t have time for creativity? Here’s some quick tips and strategies:


How to get back your creativity (Full Slideshow)

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Take Care of You – Ignite Your Creativity

1. Many issues that get in the way of our creativity can lead us more into SURVIVE Mode. My experiences of ‘surviving’ as a teacher have kinda sucked. I’m more for Thriving.  And when I’m thriving – I know that my Creativity is up and running, big time.  

  • Check out my THRIVE 101 series for educators.  

2. To flourish as a Creative Educator, you must take care of you. 

  • My Empowering You 101 Series is packed with insights, strategies and a laugh or two along the way.
    • There’s also some top books here that’ll inspire you.  

3. If you’re in a creative funk, take a look back into your past (my blogpost). There’s clues there that could fire you up today.  

4. Fuel your creativity with CREATIVE DISRUPTIONS (my blogpost). It’s fun, it stretches your thinking, and you’re generally guaranteed a good laugh.   

5. It’s also well worth searching online for geniushour. This teaching practice, where students get to work on passion-inspired projects, is rapidly growing in popularity across the globe.