Episode Promotion: Global Connections - Powerful PD in the Palm of your hands with Craig Kemp

Global Connections: Powerful PD in the Palm of Your Hands with Craig Kemp

It’s powerful Professional Development and it’s right in the palm of your hands. Top Tips and Insights for Connecting Globally with Craig Kemp.

Show Guest – Craig Kemp

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Craig Kemp

I’m a Kiwi (New Zealander) living in Singapore, teaching in an Australian Curriculum School.

I’m a globally connected educator and support people to do the same. I love my PLN. I love my family & geek out over anything techy.

I see my role as igniting fires to stir up the excitement of learning with staff and students through technology driven global connections.

Episode Summary

 It’s a phrase that’s often met with groans and rolls of the eyes – Professional Development.

But what if you could tailor that Professional Development or PD to your circumstances – making it relevant to you and your class?

And what if you had access to ongoing support and advice at any time of the day?

Well that’s the situation for many educators today – as they reach out and connect with others like them across the globe.

In this Episode: Why would you want to connect globally? How do you do it? And what are Mystery Skypes?

But that’s not all. We also have the Lightning Round where quick answers are the name of the game.

And to bring us home, Education, a Bucket and Fire.

Episode Highlights

  1. What makes Craig Kemp tick? (1:01 minute mark)
  2. What is #Whatisschool? (2:14)
  3. Craig’s experience of pushing past his comfort zone (3:35)
  4. The Power and Benefits of Connecting Online (5:37)
  5. How to connect even if you’re not feeling confident (6:28)
  6. What to do if you ‘don’t have time’ for connecting (7:49)
  7. How Craig stays True to Himself (10:10)
  8. The Lightning Round (11:31) –  Thrive – Always Lifts Me Up – Ignition – Voice – Connection 
  9. Craig’s Not to Be Missed Quote and what it means to him (14:26)

Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire
William Butler Yeats 

Links & Resources

  1. Craig Kemp’s BlogCraig on Twitter Pinterest – LinkedIn
  2. What’s a Mystery Skype and How do you do it? Advice from Craig Kemp
  3. Listen to Laura Hill (Step Back and Watch your Students Soar)
  4. Check out the WhatisSchool Twitter Chat Archive
  5. The Power of Connection through Edcamps – Top Tips and Inspiration from Sam Bates (Pushing The Edge Podcast)

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