Push Past Your Comfort Zone with Rachael Lehr

We’re often challenged to ‘Push Past our Comfort Zones’. But what does this mean? And what might it involve? Rachael Lehr has much insight into this area.

Show Guest: Rachael Lehr

Rachael Lehr - Keep Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone

I’m a Classroom Teacher specialising in Science Teaching. I’m passionate about making a difference. I have a tendency towards overachieving, yet I’m passionate about teaching and I love my job immensely. I put a lot of time into ensuring I am doing the best I can for my students.

Episode Summary

It’s a challenge that we often hear, ‘Push Past Your Comfort Zone’. But how do we do it? What might it look like? And what about all our self-doubts? How on earth are we supposed to navigate them?

Rachael Lehr is an educator with much insight into this area, often pushing past the ‘Why Me?’ and ‘What have I got to offer?’ feelings, and saying ‘Yes’ to the unknown and unfamiliar.

Connectedness is also a key theme in this episode. In particular, how Twitter has been ‘life-changing’ for Rachael. Here we share practical tips for those who are wary of reaching out to connect. And if you’re feeling a bit isolated, there’s tips here for you as well.

In turn, learn how Rachael has fired up her Year 2 class along with their parents and guardians via a Class Twitter account. Yes that’s right – Twitter with Year 2 children.

There’s also the Lightning Round – where Courage, Connection, Making a Difference, Overachieving, and Nature – are all under the spotlight.

To round out an insightful and inspiring episode we have Rachael’s Not To Be Missed Book, which offers practical tips for everyday thriving as a teacher. More specifically, how to take care of Number 1 – You.

Episode Highlights

  • 1:45  How to Thrive
  • 2:28 – Pushing Through Your Comfort Zone
  • 7:16 – How to connect with other educators
  • 10:17 – Suggestions for teachers wary of connecting online
  • 12:51  – Suggestions for Isolated Teachers
  • 13:34 – Lightning Round
  • 18:25  Rachael’s Not To Be Missed Book

Rachael Hosts Pushing The Edge

Listen as Rachael takes on the Hosting Role and Interviews ME (Greg Curran)

Links & Resources

  1. Rachael on Twitter and Pinterest
  2. Rachael’s Science Rocks Twitter Page 
  3. Lend Me Your Literacy (LMYL) – Providing an audience for your students’ writing: LMYL on Twitter
  4. Alan Peat’s Exciting Sentences – ITUNES App
  5. Listen to my chat with Samantha Bates – where we discuss Edcamps.
  6. Rachael’s Not To Be Missed Book Teaching Matters by Todd and Beth Whitaker (Affiliate Link)
  7. Check out my Disrupt Your Comfort Zone – Resource Page for tips and insights.
  8. Check out my THRIVE 101 Resource Page – It’s dedicated to helping you thrive as a teacher.

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