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Optimism, Hope and a Place to Belong with Rodney Croome

In Episode 50, longtime LGBTI human rights activist Rodney Croome. We explore the lessons learnt from early campaigns to legalise homosexuality, unpack why personal stories are key, & small target strategies are a mistake. Plus, we zero in on the dangers of the ‘religious freedom’ movement.

Episode 50

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Episode Guest

Quick Guide

  • Rodney introduces himself
  • The promise of a place to belong
    • Having optimism and hope
  • Learning from early campaigns for change
    • Judo activism
    • Transforming Tasmania
  • Why personal storytelling matters
  • The founding of Australian Marriage Equality
  • Why Rodney left Australian Marriage Equality
    • The mistakes of the Australian Marriage Equality campaign
    • The casting aside of older activists along with trans and gender diverse people, and school children
  • How surveys can be used to determine priorities in human rights campaigns
  • Hopes for the next generation
  • The dangers of the ‘religious freedom’ movement
    • Strategies that can be used against such
    • To compromise or not
  • How Rodney keeps going despite the many challenges.

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