I Do, We Do, You Do and Productive Struggle in Maths with Margarita Breed

In Episode 56, critically unpacking the ‘I do, We do, You do’ teaching model in maths. Plus, why productive struggle is a must in our classrooms, and the value of Fraction Talks.

Episode 56

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Episode Guest

  • Margarita Breed is a Numeracy Consultant and former secondary school teacher in Victoria, Australia. She works with teachers in Victoria and South Australia.

Quick Guide

  • The Gradual Release of Responsibility model (aka – I do, We do, You do model)
    • Transferring authority to students – listen to episode 55
  • Messy maths
  • Challenging mathematical tasks
  • The challenge of students’ waiting on teachers to direct their learning
  • Having critical conversations with students about their maths learning
  • Critically reflecting on our learning, and orientations to learning
  • The value of being confounded and bewildered in maths
  • The value of Productive Struggle in maths
  • Supporting student efficacy
  • Avoiding unhelpful prompts and rescuing of students
  • Emerging People in Maths – Thomas Moore
  • Significant Math Moments – Having Fraction Chats with students

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