Grading Students’ Work in Maths with Margarita Breed

In Episode 55, is it an A (top mark), B, C or D mark? The ever-present challenges of grading students’ work in maths. Plus, how we inadvertently signify to students to stop thinking, and supporting students to move from additive to multiplicative thinking.

Episode 55

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Episode Guest

  • Margarita Breed is a Numeracy Consultant and former secondary school teacher in Victoria, Australia. She works with teachers in Victoria and South Australia.

Quick Guide

  • How we inadvertently signify to students to stop thinking in maths
  • Grading students’ work – A-B levels
    • Explaining and making connections
    • Reasoned versus thorough interpretations
      • Arrays and regions in multiplication
    • Using efficient strategies
  • Supporting students to move from additive to multiplicative thinking
  • Using a range of representations
  • Getting beyond closed, routine, repetitive maths questions
  • Learning from people interested in number and mathematics
    • Applying maths knowledge to unfamiliar situations
    • Transferring authority to students over time
  • Expectations of students and differentiating
  • Grading students’ work – C, D, E levels
    • Building students’ persistence
    • Developing a culture of mathematics thinking
  • Maths and sense-making or meaning-making
  • Significant math moments during remote learning

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