Courageous Conversations About Race

Courageous Conversations About Race with Val Brown

In this episode: Standing up when hatred is stoked; building community through courageous conversations about race; and why representation and presence matters. 

Episode 39

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Episode Guest

  • Val is a teacher and PD Facilitator with Teaching Tolerance in the USA
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Episode 39 – Quick Guide

  • Why Val’s job matters to her
  • Standing up when hatred is stoked
  • How to engage teachers
  • Being neutral in the classroom
  • Having courageous conversations about race in the classroom
  • Interesting students through popular culture (Black Panther & A Wrinkle in Time)
  • Why we need more black teachers
  • The importance of students being valued in the classroom
  • Val’s difficult conversation with her young son
  • What teachers can do – to value all students
  • Debating social issues in the classroom
  • Spotlight segment:  Donald L. Hollowell
  • Twists and Turns segment: Country music and Hip Hop
  • Closing remarks
  • I knew I was on the right track when….

Correction: Val speaks about Lewis and Carol in our chat. She meant to say Lewis and Clark.

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