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Liberation and Resistance in Schools with Benjamin Doxtdator

In Episode 49, making our schools’ sites of liberation and resistance. Plus challenging the dominant narratives that blame individuals whilst giving scant attention to social justice, and structural issues.

Episode 49

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Episode Guest

  • Benjamin Doxtdator is a middle school English teacher at the International School of Brussels.

Quick Guide

  • Benjamin introduces himself
  • Why challenging the status quo in schools is important
  • Liberation and resistance in schools
    • Schools as liberatory places
    • Resistance in education
  • Resisting oppressive narratives
  • The need to focus on structural issues rather than individuals
  • Disrupting traditional narratives about Indians
  • Unpacking and resisting the call for authenticity
  • Empower-washing Education
  • Playing the game of education
  • Beyond Pirates and Champions
  • Fish That Swim Upstream
  • Debating students’ humanity
  • Spotlight Segment: Unless (Migrant & Refugee Service in Brussels)
    • Run by Michelle Sequeira
  • Twists & Turns Segment: Going beyond representation
  • Closing Remarks
  • The Right Track Segment: Dress codes, media and the school uniform

Liberation and Resistance in Schools – Links

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Pushing The Edge for Social Justice in Education

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