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Looking at the World in Mathematical Ways with Marian Dingle

In Episode 52, how do our families mathematise us? How does maths at home compare to maths at school? In our lives we’re often looking at the world in mathematical ways so why not in the classroom?

Episode 52

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Episode Guest

  • Marian Dingle is an Elementary Teacher in the USA.

Quick Guide

  • Introduction
  • The impact of parents – in driving our interest in maths
  • Mathematising in Marian’s life 
  • Focusing on pattern in maths
  • Maths in the classroom versus maths with Marian’s parents
  • A blogpost discussion
    • It takes community 
    • Measures of centre 
  • The mathematics of our ancestors 
  • Curriculum and cultures
  • What’s recognised as mathematical and why centering is important in maths
  • The Maths of tests versus maths in our lives
  • True engagement in Maths
  • Exploring the math-inspired Space book, Hidden Figures
  • Unsung Heroes segment
  • Learning game theory from a Godmother
  • Twists and Turns segment
  • Closing remarks
  • An unforgettable moment

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