My A to Z of Thriving

My A to Z of Thriving

Are you fed up with just surviving? Me too. Here’s my top tips and insights to Thriving. It’s an A to Z Thrive-Fest.

This alphabet post is inspired by Dave Burgess (@burgessdave) – who lead an alphabet inspired #TLAP (Teach Like a Pirate) twitter chat and then published the book, P is for Pirate.

It seems relatively simple, right. Come up with Pirate flavoured words – for each letter of the alphabet. However, there was an added component. You had to explain your choice for each letter.

What struck me throughout the chat was the level of insight and inspiration. The pirate chatters bought into Dave’s alphabet activity big time. It WENT OFF.

As a fired up participant, running with what first came to mind (well, most of the time!!) it provided a snapshot – of sorts – into my past, the present, and beyond:

  • What’s resonating or key for me right now? (THRIVING – is obviously a biggie – hence the focus for this A to Z)
  • What are the most significant threads – that run throughout my life?
  • Where am I – in my journey? Where have I been? How have I shifted and changed? What’s motivated or driven such?
  • What attracts me to divert off the business-as-usual paths?
  • How would this A-Z be similar and different one month from now – 6 months – 12 months from now?
  • What makes me – me? What are the essential ingredients in my THRIVE MIX?

Have a go yourself. I think you’ll find it revealing.
PS: Throughout my alphabet meanderings below, I’ve embedded links to my blog-posts that contain tips, insights, and ponderings on the issues identified. I hope it inspires you.

My A to Z of Thriving: The Video


 My A to Z of Thriving: Ideas and Insights

A for Activism: Because Education, our Passions, Our students are worth battling and striving for.

B for bravery: Gotta front up and take risks – Be Brave.

  • B for Brevity: Less can be more.
  • B for Brain:  Keep that brain igniting.

 for Choice: We make choices everyday about what’s important and what’s not important.

D for Dare: Dare to Shake it Up. Dare to Take Chances. Dare to be Truly You. 

E for Energy: Look after you. Keep fuelling yourself.

  • E for Edge: Keep pushing towards it. Jump it – Exceed it. Live outside that box more often.

F for fear: Tune in and Notice your self-talk. Challenge it – Flip it.

  • F for failure: Re-conceptualise it. Here’s where big time learning can take place – if you’re willing.

G for Gender and Gay: School should be safe for all students regardless of their gender identity or sexuality.

H for Hiding: Dare to reach out and find your Tribe. You are not alone. 

I for Intuition: Trust it and Run with it. 

J for journey: It’s a full on journey: Tune in and enjoy the little moments. And do go off on side-tracks.

K for kick: If you don’t get a kick out of it….change course. 

L for Laugh: Laugh often, Laugh hard, Laugh till it hurts.

  • L for Let Go: When you let go, that’s when you can soar.

M for Meaningful: Make time for what’s meaningful for you. 

  • M for Mindset: YEP Mindset’s key on so many levels.

N for No: It’s okay to say No.

O for OMG: Yes that’s what I’m aiming for. 

P for positivity: Tune into it. Give space to it. Embrace it.

  • P for persistence: Keep going, step by step…
  • P for Pop: Cut through. Pop IT big time.
  • P for Push past that Edge – Keep Pushing The Edge (MY PODCAST)

Q for Question: Question the ‘business as usual’ 

R for Remember: Remember those who’ve come before – who helped make possible what we take for granted today. 

S for SPACE: Create space for You. Let your students create space for themselves.

  • S for Strengths: Run with your strengths baby!!
  • S for Stop: Stop, take a moment, and tune into the awesomeness around you.

T for Thrive: Cos it sure beats Surviving.

U for Up: Turn up your volume. Turn up your True Colors. Give more Time to them 

V for variety: Cos they say it’s the spice of life. And I aint arguing. 

W for Weird: You just gotta weird-out. Embrace and run with your weirdness.

  • Check out #weirded Twitter Chat.

 X for X: X marks the spot. Or DOES it?

Y for You: Make time for You. Put yourself first more often.  

Z for zig zag: Cos it’s fun.